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Wigs Baisiwig

Hair products are life essentials like clothes, shoes,cosmetics prevail for quite a long history, evolving ever since the Middle Ages. Nowadays, you can find all kinds of hair weaves or bundles or wigs or a whole lot to bloom your beauty, but can you choose the perfect wig which can flatter your feature,like eye color, own hair texture, face shape? From the previous feedback from our old customers, there are guys who are suffering a lot from that horrible experience, I'm really sorry for that, so in this article I will teach you how to choose a wig for your own style,FYI, the fault doesn't fall on to the hair anyway, it's your choice to be blamed for.

First, Your Own Skin-tone
It's the most important things that matters most. When you are selecting a wig for yourself, to better fit your skin-tone, for relatively white or light brown ones like wheat, I would typically suggest light brown lace color or613 blonde color hair extensions or wigs for you, even though you can make a change a bit by applying foundation or makeup, which involves lots of work and goes against the initial convenience demands for hair. For darker faces, a medium brown or dark brown is more recommended.

Second, Your Face Shape
Although lace front wigs and 360 lace wigs provide more styling options like buns, high ponytails ,halfway up halfway down or rainfall cascade, you should always choose a wig according to your face shape so that it will look more applicable and adorable on you.


Face shape to choose a hair style
Generally speaking, for a round face, choose layered hair will add more definition to your face to make it more lively, whether it in long or short length is both ok;For a squared face, curly styles like water wave, body wave, deep wave e.ct. are more suggested to add more vigor and softness; You can choose whatever hair styles for the oval face because it can rock any item with different flavors.

Third,Your Occasion
Just like what I have mentioned in previous blogs, we choose different Perruque in variation with various occasions.So if you are going to attend a fancy party or nightclub, you can always pick more bright and eye-catching color, besides, for your special events,like inauguration or birthday, you could always try your favorites.
Factors like age, forehead,nose, eye color could also play a role in affecting your choice in wigs, but since hair products are to meet fashionable demands and to exaggerate your beauty, you should also take them into account but not so seriously. Every girl is a chic and trendsetter as long as she has shown her style in regardless of age,religion,gender or body shape, right.

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